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The impact of Covid-19 on the Spanish property market

What are the implications of coronavirus on the national property market?

A report on idealista by a Raf Jacob, an economist specialising in finance and member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Association of Personal Shoppers in Real Estate ("Junta Directiva de la Asociación Española de Personal Shopper Inmobiliario") and professor of the Real Estate Masters course at Barcelona University has been posted online this week.

In it he breaks down what Covid-19 means for the Spanish property market, including how this crisis differs from the real estate crisis a decade ago, what it means for the real estate market for the rest of this year, what it means for sellers and buyers and of course his predictions for the impact on property prices.

  1. A crisis, but very different from the financial and real estate crisis of 2008

  2. What to expect from the housing market in 2020

  3. Forget your benchmarks

  4. The impact will be harder for sellers than for buyers

  5. Trapped investors who need a 'plan B

  6. The coronavirus will create opportunities for solvent buyers or investors

  7. How can COVID-19 impact real estate prices?

Click on the link below to ready the complete article (in english).

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